Nadine J. Newcomb's Memorial Service, February 17, 2007

Audio (mp3) recordings and handouts:
  1. Rev. Linda Dickerson-Greeting
  2. Hymn-Once To Every Man And Nation. Click here for the words and music.
  3. Steven Newcomb-remarks on the hymns. Click here for the words and music of all three hymns. Click here for the full text of the poem, "The Present Crisis" by James Russell Lowell, from which the words of "Once To Every Man and Nation" were selected.
  4. Dickerson-Psalms 100 and 23
  5. John Newcomb-remarks
  6. Kylea Taylor-remarks
  7. Elisabeth Newcomb- NJN: "Living Two Lives At Once"
  8. Peter Newcomb-remarks
  9. Billy Newcomb-NJN: "Eating In Public"
  10. Robert Shaffer-remarks read by Linda Dickerson. Click here for a copy of his remarks in written form.
  11. Amy Kander-remarks
  12. Bea Ake-remarks
  13. Linda Dickerson-remarks
  14. Hymn-Come Labor On. Click here for the words and music.
  15. Dickerson-benediction
  16. Postlude-I Feel The Winds Of God Today. Click here for the words and music.

Click here to download a zip file containing the all the mp3 files that collectively comprise a recording the entire memorial service.

More handouts from the memorial service:

Other materials: