Click here for Steve Newcomb's musings on the Jerry's Retreat list about endowing currency units with identity.

Click here for the goodbye album presented to Robert and Nadine Newcomb by the First Presbyterian Church of Glassboro, New Jersey on the occasion of their move to Blacksburg, Virginia, June 6, 1988. (It's a 50-megabyte pdf that includes memorabilia, letters with some interesting memories, and photos of the farewell event.)

Click here for a 1995 article in the French newspaper Le Monde about Nadine Newcomb's use of the internet. To Nadine's amusement the article says she was over 70, but she was actually 83 at the time she was interviewed.

Click here for Nadine J. Newcomb's memorial service, held 2007-02-17 in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

Click here for my letter to the Pennsylvania Bar Association asking them to separate themselves from John Yoo's unprofessional conduct as author of the infamous "Torture Memo". Click here for their reply.